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International Hon-Do-Ryu Karate Organisation

In 1967 Shihan Nicolau started studying karate (Shotokan and Kyokushinkai) with a small group of judokas. At that time we practised in the underground due to a karate-prohibition of the communist regime. We practised without having any sportive ambitions but we were solely orientated on efficiency. We had studied (on books and movies) and analysed (method, stamina, technique) some karate-methods (ryu). The final idea was ... to create a simple (our own) style/method!

In 1972 Hon-Do-Ryu-Karate was born.

We had chosen some criteria to provide a base for Hon-Do-Ryu-Karate:

  • simple-,less- and strong techniques.
  • less katas .
  • kumite with- and without contact.
  • good stamina.
  • sandbag- and makiwara-practise.
  • balance between ghi, tai and shin.
  • a straight line for Do and the connection between Do and Kyu-Dan.
  • standard practise for Kyu and Dan (week-timetable).
  • a system based on sport-sciences.
  • it is optional to give sport-karate (as a Do-stage) a try (with- and without contact).
  • Hon-Do-Ryu-Karate is based on Shotokan- an Kyokushinkai-techniques.

In 1982 Shihan Nicolau moved to Germany. He stayed in contact with his best students and Hon-Do-Ryu was more and more perfected and systematised.

In 1990 the F.R.A.M.( Romanian. Martial. Art. Federation)was founded.

Many HDR students have studied other karate-styles and they are highly graduated.

In 1998 Hon-Do-Ryu was patented in Germany.

In 2002 the International Hon-Do-Ryu-Karate Organisation was founded in Munich.

The IHDR-KO is a small organisation. We do not have a policy for expansion but we are open to everything.



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